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Business Unit / Head of Unit / Professional Team

Start Up, VC & Consulting

Albert Pluss


Restructuring & Turndown Consulting

Bill White

Professional Team Lead

Innovation & Technology/ Cross-Connect Promotion

Kaz Kawano


Ikuei Nakajima, Noboru Otaki, Yoko Kimura


Legal Team / Finance Team (6 Lawyers, 8 CPAs and 4 Affiliated Law Firs & 3 CPA Offices)

Marketing Team (14 Professional Associate Members and 7 Affiliated Design Firms)

Computer Science Team  (37  Associate Engineers)

Bio-Chem Science Team (8 Associate Scientists)

Property & Real Estate Team (6 Associate Brokers)

Planning & Construction Team ( 11 Associate Project Managers)

Medical & Public Service Team ( 22 Associate MDs and Professors)

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